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TONIGHT at Violette!

If you’re already hip to Violette, this needs no explanation. Otherwise, this: Take legendary Atlanta guitarist and bandleader Dan Coy. Add yours truly (plus tonight, amazing upright bassist Mark Bynum) and shake lightly with an intimate setting and great food and beverage. 

The last couple of gigs I did with Dan were at Callanwolde amphitheater and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival…so enjoy this acoustic trio from a rare perspective. There’s no telling what we might play.

2948 Clairmont Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30329

Today on WCLK 

Join me today, Sunday June 12 from 1-3pm as I host “Signature Serenade” on Atlanta’s premier flagship jazz station, WCLK. If your radio doesn’t happen to get FM 91.9 very well (or you’re not in Atlanta), you can simply CLICK HERE for and then click “Listen Live.”

Oh…and yes, I shaved the beard. 

Once the Seal is Broken…

We had a little renegade GRAMMY® viewing party last night at our place. I could name some of the attendees, but of course I’d have to kill you. (But you might recognize some of them in the picture. And I can confirm that Timothy P. Green was among them.)

My MyFItnessPal app says I had five beers, which is strange, because I feel like I drank a gallon of ether this morning. Perhaps my tolerance is down what with this new diet and all. Sadly, I missed my 0600 wakeup today, which breaks a streak of 6 days.

ANYway… Just a few observations I’ve noticed: Continue reading

Death by Auto-Tune now on

What else can I add? Read and decide for yourself.

Death By Auto-Tune

57th GRAMMY Awards

Key West to Ft. Myers Beach Log, 6–7 January, 2015

For sailors or the idly curious…here’s how the trip North from Key West to Ft. Myers Beach went. I originally intended to sail further North towards Boca Grande and jog South a couple of miles to Cabbage Key; but I ended up jumping into Ft. Myers Beach at Moss Marina to wait out a northerly gale and regroup from the 24 hour bash into the wind and waves. Lots of noise, lots of diesel fumes. Continue reading

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