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Pop’s Book is Available on Kindle!

DepressionBabyCoverGlad to report that my dad’s book, Depression Baby, is now available on Kindle at Pops has actually been blogging (since 2008!) about various things, including growing up during the Great Depression in Western North Carolina. With just a bit of prodding, he decided that turning some of these stories into a collection in book form might be a cool idea.

Obviously, the content is a little different from some of the crazy works that I put out; but I think these stories are pretty cool, so if you might be interested to hear more about a time when people worked harder, had less, and still got along better, I encourage you to check it out! Available for a limited time for $3.99 at -Bradford

Rollin’ Home…


Okay, buttoning up the boat, heading for Tha ATL…

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Bluehost Web Hosting

As I have mentioned on my podcast(s), blogs and elsewhere, I use Bluehost for all of my web hosting (a number of sites, about half a dozen).

I do make a commission for referrals, but I would not recommend Bluehost if I didn’t use them exclusively and feel good about their service.

Bluehost offers professional, U.S.-based technical support, and have always been very helpful in resolving any of my tech issues. (One hint: I personally use the phone support, versus chat-based, as I just believe it’s a little better for any in-depth problems I’ve encountered in my labyrinth of sites and technologies.)

Also, their WordPress install “module” (if that’s the right term) makes installing a WordPress blog much less of an ordeal than doing it manually. They also (as of this writing) offer an installer for Drupal, and probably some other content management systems.

If you need a good web hosting service, you can click HERE or use the banner link below to sign up with Bluehost, and put some ducats in my pocket at the same time. :-)

Osprey on Masthead


They’re cool…except when they sit on my electronics. Stay on that other boat, there, Osprey!

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Jacie Sails Under Way


Huge props to Matteo at Marina Jack for the awesome shots! Awesome port, we stop there as often as we can…The Admiral insists!

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Back In Port


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