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Tanya and I spent much of the day at West Marine, pursuing a new hobby we call "spending copious amounts of money." (We plan to adopt a replacement hobby soon, which we'll call "being frugal.")

Among other things, we bought about 220 feet of good quality rope for dock lines (it's never "rope" after it assumes its new nautical purpose; it must be referred to as a "line," or you may be taunted mercilessly), about 85 feet of 1/2" BBB anchor chain (which is quite heavy, I can assure you), and a 35 pound Delta anchor.

We had three Read more about Mud

On June 22, at approximately 2:15 PM, the former "Bond's Voyage" became… Jacie Sails! Jack Coletti of Midnight Oil sign works applied the new name and hailing port (Atlanta of course!), and Jacie Sails was ready to launch. (Awesome job, Jack!)

As some work had to be done after the splash, Tanya and I had to let the good folks at Salt Creek Marina splash 'er (um, the boat, that is) on 6/24 without us so we could stay on schedule and maximize our days off. Glad to report they did an excellent job! Read more about A New Name...and a New Home

Yowsa! It's been a minute since I checked in—had a ton going on—but here are the highlights (and lowlights):

We've got the first two songs mixed for the Timothy P. Green CD! The third mix is scheduled to wrap Saturday, and then I have to "port" the rest of our Logic tracking sessions to Pro Tools....ugh! Ah,'s worth the extra step! I was totally jonesin' to mix the record myself, but since multiplatinum engineer Thom "TK" Kidd took a shine to the project, I decided to turn to a higher power (i.e., TK!) on this one. The results are Read more about The Good, The Bad, and... The Tropical

Well, the boat is on the hard for a couple of weeks with the fine folks at Salt Creek Marina... Read more about ...and away we go...!

Just wanted to drop some good news... Tony Chebib's new and improved Lawrence's Cafe has opened in Decatur at 910 W. College Ave., and we dropped by last night. Read more about Lawrence's Cafe Rocks New Location

Today it looks like (until Rick Sheppard gets here later) I'll be focusing on migrating the existing Logic sessions ("Session" just ref Read more about Today's Studio Fun

Great to be back in Tha ATL after the GRAMMY Awards. As before, we had a blast...and by some miracle, I managed to lose a couple of pounds at the same time. Hey, sign me up!

We saw many of our friends from the Atlanta contingent out there: Our friend Michael Graves (nominated this year for "Best Historical Album" for “Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM”) was there with Read more about Back from the GRAMMYs

Yes, all the sailing posts aside, producer Bradford Rogers and artist Timothy P. Green are still feverishly working on Timothy's debut CD...! Read more about Still working away....!

Follow for blogs, music, and the latest happenings in the world of music. Read more about Remembering Jimi...


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