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Once the Seal is Broken…

We had a little renegade GRAMMY® viewing party last night at our place. I could name some of the attendees, but of course I’d have to kill you. (But you might recognize some of them in the picture. And I can confirm that Timothy P. Green was among them.)

My MyFItnessPal app says I had five beers, which is strange, because I feel like I drank a gallon of ether this morning. Perhaps my tolerance is down what with this new diet and all. Sadly, I missed my 0600 wakeup today, which breaks a streak of 6 days.

ANYway… Just a few observations I’ve noticed: Continue reading

Juice Fast, Day 22

Well, it’s about time to break this sucker. Down to 196 libs. and feeling frisky! Should have another mix done today on the Timothy P. Green CD, and time permitting, TK and Kory will take it from here while I go sailing. Kinda like that old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom bit: “Jim will be wresting the alligator in the swamp while I set up the Coleman stove in camp.” Continue reading

Juice Fast, Day 19

Hoo-WAH! My Withings scale finally says less than 200 pounds! Of course, I’m sure, I’m going to get a “bounce back” when I get back onto a regular diet…which starts Monday. (The careful transition starts Friday.) Continue reading

Juice Fast, Day 2

Today is Day 2 in my juice fast. (The second day of raw juice and liquids only, that is—you’re supposed to ease into it with, e.g., tapering off to fruits, vegetables and juice first for a couple of days.)

I do not recommend fasting for weight loss, since you tend to “bounce back” once you restart eating normally; and because you might lose some muscle mass. (Bear in mind, when I say “fast,” I am not referring to consuming no food; I am drinking raw vegetable and fruit juice fresh from the juicer as often as I want every day, plus water, tea, and a multivitamin.) There are several reasons I’m doing this, though. Continue reading

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