Juice Fast, Day 22


Well, it’s about time to break this sucker. Down to 196 libs. and feeling frisky! Should have another mix done today on the Timothy P. Green CD, and time permitting, TK and Kory will take it from here while I go sailing. Kinda like that old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom bit: “Jim will be wresting the alligator in the swamp while I set up the Coleman stove in camp.”

Over the next three days, I’ll be gradually getting back to solid food by doing first some broth/soup, then adding a little bit of soft fruit or vegetable, then a bit of salad, etc. I will probably try to introduce a little bit of “good fat,” like bits of avocado and later nuts or peanut butter, to cue the ol’ body that fat will be supplied in the diet, and there will be no need to hang onto stored fat!

Also, I will be ramping up the physical activity from approximately zero to, well, more than zero. And as of this morning, I’m back to tracking everything with the DailyBurn meal tracker (highly recommended!), so I can very carefully calibrate and monitor the transition back to regular food; and try to avoid a big “bounceback.” It will be important to continue this and keep the calories low, particularly next week, as things like Beer and Fried Foods get back on the potential menu!

Not sure if the Withings scale is still posting to Facebook (motivation!), but will probably take it with me to the boat, along with maybe the juicer and the blender.

That’s it for now, gotta get back to mixing! More to follow here, and at JacieSails.com

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