Author: Bradford

  • Juice Fast, Day 19

    Juice Fast, Day 19

    Hoo-WAH! My Withings scale finally says less than 200 pounds! Of course, I’m sure, I’m going to get a “bounce back” when I get back onto a regular diet…which starts Monday. (The careful transition starts Friday.)

  • Juice Fast, Day 2

    Today is Day 2 in my juice fast. (The second day of raw juice and liquids only, that is—you’re supposed to ease into it with, e.g., tapering off to fruits, vegetables and juice first for a couple of days.) I do not recommend fasting for weight loss, since you tend to “bounce back” once you […]

  • Mud


    Tanya and I spent much of the day at West Marine, pursuing a new hobby we call “spending copious amounts of money.” (We plan to adopt a replacement hobby soon, which we’ll call “being frugal.”) Among other things, we bought about 220 feet of good quality rope for dock lines (it’s never “rope” after it […]