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  • Key West to Ft. Myers Beach Log, 6–7 January, 2015

    Key West to Ft. Myers Beach Log, 6–7 January, 2015

    For sailors or the idly curious…here’s how the trip North from Key West to Ft. Myers Beach went. I originally intended to sail further North towards Boca Grande and jog South a couple of miles to Cabbage Key; but I ended up jumping into Ft. Myers Beach at Moss Marina to wait out a northerly gale…

  • Jacie Sails Mobile Podcast Trip

    Jacie Sails Mobile Podcast Trip

    Just had a very cool week taking Jacie Sails down to Cabbage Key, FL for my first mobile podcast. Gotta run for now, as a storm’s a-brewin’, and I need to get ‘er packed up and get on the road to ATL. FYI, the pic here is of Jacie Sails heading North up the Intracoastal…

  • Jacie Sails Under Way

    Huge props to Matteo at Marina Jack for the awesome shots! Awesome port, we stop there as often as we can…The Admiral insists! Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Laundry List

    Laundry List

    Whew! Got into the marina about 5:30pm and picked up the new crew shirts that Thread Logic shipped here to meet me: They look pretty bitchin’! Before I went into the marina office, though, I had to steal a look at Jacie Sails to make sure she was still floating on her waterline and that…

  • Juice Fast, Day 22

    Juice Fast, Day 22

    Well, it’s about time to break this sucker. Down to 196 libs. and feeling frisky! Should have another mix done today on the Timothy P. Green CD, and time permitting, TK and Kory will take it from here while I go sailing. Kinda like that old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom bit: “Jim will be…