Juice Fast, Day 19


Hoo-WAH! My Withings scale finally says less than 200 pounds! Of course, I’m sure, I’m going to get a “bounce back” when I get back onto a regular diet…which starts Monday. (The careful transition starts Friday.)

Busy as heck week, with mixing Timothy P. Green’s record (Thom “TK” Kidd, me, and Kory Aaron, that is), website migration, Pop’s book…yeah, I guess that’s enough.

Speaking of websites, I would have posted something between Day 2 and Day 19, but I was pretty much stuck in limbo with the websites. We’re finally making the transition from Drupal to WordPress; and while I have the utmost respect for the clever and dedicated folks that use and maintain Drupal, it’s just not for me. WordPress is just so much more user friendly.

Okay, back to work, but expect more on all fronts asap!

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